LoL’s new Faerie Court skins mix fantasy and elegance with fresh looks for Seraphine, Katarina, Milio, and more

Spread your wings and fly.

Riot Games is bringing League of Legends players deep into the world of fairytales and fantasies with its newest upcoming skin line, bringing together a handful of champions that arent often associated with one another.

League Patch 13.6 will introduce the Faerie Court thematic into the game, complete with skins for Karma, Katarina, Seraphine, Ezreal, Fiora, Kalista, and a Prestige version for Katarina as well. The newest champion in League, Milio, will also be receiving a Faerie Court skin alongside his debut with this patch. All of these skins involve the champions interacting with various facets of nature, most notably the insects that roam the realm.

Karma serves as the Faerie Queen, overseeing all members of the Courtwhile also appearing to be the champions first Legendary skin (not yet confirmed), despite having been in the game for over a decade. Much of her traditional Ionian outfit has been replaced with butterfly wings and bright colors, including new, colorful effects for all of her abilities.

Prestige Faerie Court Katarina possesses purple and gold assets on her clothing and abilities, compared to the silver in the regular version of the skin. Her recall involves the champion undergoing a complete metamorphosis inside a crystal cocoon, emerging as a butterfly with stained-glass wings.

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Faerie Court Milio completely changes the look and feel of The Gentle Flame, adopting a pink/purple color palette that not only changes Milios outfit but also the appearance of his fuemigos. Instead of a fiery yellowish-orange, Faerie Court Milio can envelop his allies in the soothing heals of pinkish-orange rays.

The new Faerie Court skins will be released during Patch 13.6, which is scheduled to go live in League on March 22. Its likely that these skins will be tied to an in-game event and thus will make their debut in the shop a few days after the patch releases.

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