LoL players would love to delete these champs from the game

Love them or hate them, they are still in the game!

Theres no denying some League of Legends champions can be frustrating to play against, oftentimes leaving you with the desire to burn Summoners Rift to the ground. United in their frustration, League players listed champions theyd love to delete from the game.

Posted on Leagues subreddit, League players almost unanimously agreed Twitch should be entirely deleted from the game, since the champions main mechanic is stealth and is incredibly difficult to deal with, especially in low elo matches. The players also expressed aversion toward AP Twitch that nukes you from afar while being somewhat tanky with Crown of the Shattered Queen.

Another champion League players desperately would love to kick from Summoners Rift is Teemo as his mushrooms, blind, and movement speed are infuriating and leave top laners feeling they lack power and control over their lane.

Delete-the-champion lists could be considered invalid if they dont have Yuumi, so, of course, League players emphasized theyd be jumping up and down with joy if they saw this cat was gone and forgotten. Yuumi has been the bane of every players existence as this champion offers CC, heals, shields, and poke damage-all while being untargetable.

Other mentions were Sylas, Tryndamere, Shaco, Irelia, Samira, Pyke, Kayn, Udyr, Yasuo, and Akali. 

Looking at the communitys choices, its safe to say that the most frustrating champions to deal with are either stat sticks, have spells in their kit that have little to no counterplay, strong mobility, and strong innate sustain that forces their enemy to buy Grievous Wounds. 

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