LoL players solve a heated debate about Maokai’s ultimate

The champion has been put to the test.

Many League of Legends fans were left wondering recently how many times can Maokai’s ultimate hit one person, and it turns out the case has been solved.

One popular League content creator, Vandiril, went into the training ground on Summoner’s Rift and put Maokai’s ultimate to test. It turns out, that the champion’s ability can hit the same champion up to three times.

In his video, Vandiril used a Target Dummy, which he teleported in the direction of Maokai ultimate’s branches once it was set free from the root of the previous one. With the ability’s long range and a two to three seconds-lasting root, they proved that a champion can get hit up to three times.

That is naturally something that will most likely never happen in your regular solo queue game. Players rarely should aim to Flash or use any other teleporting ability toward the direction of Maokai’s ult, because they obviously don’t want to get rooted. Still, it’s a nice clarification after a similar situation took place in the 2023 LEC Winter Groups last weekend.

During MAD Lions and Astralis game, the latter’s support JeongHoon was caught twice by the ultimate after trying his luck to Flash away from the ability. The player, however, landed exactly where another branch of Maokai’s ultimate was headed, which resulted in him getting rooted for the second time and eventually dying.

For a few players, it was something that they’d never seen before. They took the discussion to social media, sparking a debate about whether this feature is intended or a bug. In the comments under Vandiril’s video, there are still those who call it a bug, and those who say they always thought the ability should work like this.

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