LoL players invent ingenious feature to help noobs

Just one of many things needed in League of Legends.

League of Legends has a steep learning curve where newcomers need to learn the basic rules, terminology, and roster of champions. But this isnt where the game gets overwhelming and frustrating. In fact, most new players often give up when they realize they have to learn all five abilities of 162 League champions. Thankfully, the community has invented a neat feature that would help everyone.

In a post on Leagues subreddit yesterday, one player proposed Riot Games add champions abilities to the loading screen. Not only would this help new players to learn what each champion does, but it would also be a great opportunity for veteran players to remember each champions kit. 

This could possibly entice players to learn more champions and experiment. 

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Right now, ARAM and rotating modes are where a lot of people try new champs. When I first started especially, I needed to read through things to know what my abilities did and it had me sitting in fountain for a bit. The more familiar you get with the game, the less you have to read champ abilities, but itd still be beneficial, one League player suggested.

The only possible problem League players would have is the extensive abilities from newer champions like Akshan that have a paragraph or two long passives. But, all in all, it shouldnt be too complicated for Riot to implement this and help new players out.

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