LoL players have a solution for outdated Champion Mastery milestones

A special treat for all tryharders.

Champion Mastery is a progression system added during season five that helps players to keep track of experience with champions. Over the years, Champion Mastery hasn’t changed much and League of Legends players have an idea of how to update it.

Currently, Champion Mastery serves mainly as a Blue Essence sink since you need Champion Mastery Token and Blue Essence to upgrade your Champion Mastery. Since the system received the last major change in season six with Mastery being earned in Howling Abyss, the players agree its fairly outdated and mundane to use in this day and age.

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So, League players from Reddit suggested on March 7 that reaching level seven Mastery on a champion should award you the champions title. For example, a player who reaches level seven Mastery with Darius should receive the title Hand of Noxus which could be used in the same manner as other Challenges titles. 

Some players add that it would be also great to receive a special chroma for reaching level seven Mastery level. This would be a great incentive for all players that might give up learning a champion. 

Speaking of changes, League players propose Riot should also add skin and ward randomizer, a bigger emote wheel, HUD skin themes that feature zones like Demacia and Ionia, and champion themes to be featured during the matches instead of base Summoners Rift ambient music.

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