LoL players have a solution for emotes’ biggest problem

There are too many expressions to choose from.

In League of Legends, an emote is the simplest and most effective way for players to express their feelings. Riot Games has provided numerous emotes to express both positive and negative emotions in the game. But the numbers have become a bit too much and players are now finding it hard to search for suitable emotes from the stockpile.

A player posted this problem on Reddit yesterday and asked for a solution. The list of emotes is growing more and more each day. Why doesn’t the emotes tab have a search function implemented? they said. Pretty much every other thing does. Wards have a search function and I only got like 8 ward skins.

In response, another player pointed out that emotes have stupid names, making it harder to find a specified one. Others wanted Riot to add tags to emotes or name them after the champion, skin, or event they are associated with. 

Some players provided a much simpler solution to the problem. You should be able to favorite emotes and create multiple emote wheels, one player said. Emotes need pages the same as rune pages where u can pick from your customized ones individually for every game u play.

While collecting emotes has been a hobby for many League players, the lack of sorting and searching options has made choosing new emotes a tedious process. 

I have every goddamn emote and I dont even change them anymore because I hate having to look through all of them to find the one I’m thinking of, a player said. I wish we could sort by what champion(s) are in the emote since so many have goofy names.

Some players believe Riot has not simplified this issue because it will have to make changes to the games client. That sounds like a CLIENT side change and we all know how AMAZING the client is, one player said sarcastically.

It is high time Riot fixes this problem since it has so many simple solutions. At the very least the addition of a search function in the emotes tab must not be a hard task as it already exists for the wards tab.

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