LoL players don’t use the new ping system too much, and they explain why

These are some solid arguments.

Over three months after introducing new pings in the League of Legends preseason, a lot of players explain that they don’t use them that much, and they gave a few reasons why.

One League player started a Reddit thread on the game’s subreddit, where they pointed out that they don’t see others actively use the new pings. This sparked a discussion in the comments, where others added that they also don’t use it much, and explained the reasoning behind that.

“Almost no one is actively using it [the new pings] as intended,” the author stated. He also added that they themselves don’t go for new pings much, apart from when “I accidentally ping something wrong.”

People in the comments underlined that even though they can use it, no one really follows the instructions that new pings give. “Nobody I interact with specifically uses the new ping messages to message their specific meaning, not even the ‘please help me clear vision’ one,” one player wrote.

A lot of players also agree with the original post by admitting that they also often make wrong pings. Others claimed that they’re just used to having the classic four pings, where they know which one is in a certain direction, making it easier to utilize them quickly. “I never remember which direction the new ones are,” one comment reads. “I have literal 10 years of muscle memory with old pings. […] I’m not changing,” another added.

Still, with the new pings receiving a fair bit of criticism, some players actually proposed a potential fix that could make them used more often. “Maybe they can fix it by making it into two wheels with two different buttons,” one player said. At the same time, however, they added that this change could see them never used at all.

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