LoL players cry out for tweaks to these forgotten champions

These champions are begging for some love.

In season 13, Riot Games is focused on giving some love to neglected League of Legends champions like Annie and Jarvan IV. In that spirit, League players are demanding tweaks to these forgotten champions that havent seen any major changes for years now.

In a post from March 12 on Leagues subreddit, the community almost unanimously agreed Twisted Fates passive Loaded Dice and Stacked Deck are overdue for an update because he cant find his spot in this CC-heavy meta. 

Another champion that could use love according to the community is Yorick and his passiveShepherd of Souls. His passive is nonexistent/unfun and the champ himself is horrible against any mobility due to his W being a joke and his E being so vital to his damage, said one player pinpointing Yoricks biggest flaws.

The players also believe that KogMaws passive is counter-intuitive to have on a hyper-scaling AD carry and could use quality-of-life change to at least move through units while using his passive. Still, many players agree KogMaw is in desperate need of a full-blown rework since he can easily grow out of control and become an oppressive scaling monster that will shred your front line as soon as he obtains his core items. 

Generally speaking, players agree that League could take a page from Wild Rifts book and just give champions like Twisted Fate the spells they are already enjoying in the mobile version of Summoners Rift. This would reduce the amount of workload while still giving the community what they want.

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