LoL players beg Riot to make one much-needed change to AFK system

Hard to disagree.

League of Legends players have come up with an idea that would vastly improve the game.

Instead of indiscriminately punishing AFK players, players think AFKers should be pardoned in certain situations. This idea was brought up on League’s subreddit yesterday, and many players agreed with the sentiment. The general thought is to pardon players who leave the game due to circumstances out of their control, like a power outage.

“I think it would [be] perfectly reasonable if we had the option to pardon him [a player who lost their power for 15 minutes], after all it’s only us who he affected, and not the algorithm that gave him the penalty,” the post reads.

Other players pointed out that if a player is communicative, doesn’t intentionally feed kills, and behaves in a respectable manner, punishing them for something that’s out of their control shouldn’t be an option.

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Players that disconnect from the game only have two minutes to return before receiving a penalty. That makes many players unwilling to return if they disconnected for more than two minutes. Because of this, having the ability to pardon players would make them more willing to return and would surely improve the quality of the game everyone.

Riot Games has a mixed history of listening to community requests like these, so we’ll have to wait and see if the devs take action on the issue.

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