LoL players are united in their feelings about the new chat functions

There are alternatives.

Chat in League of Legends is an essential feature that allows you to communicate and even, at times, flame your teammates. In Patch 13.4, Riot Games changed the chat so that you have to manually change chat channels, depending on if you want to chat with teammates or in all chatbut not all players are happy about this.

In a post on Leagues subreddit today, players revealed their sentiment toward the new chat system, believing it is unnecessary and causes a lot of confusion during the game.

I’ll switch to all chat to banter with the enemy team then I’ll forget that it stays in all channel and accidentally give away vital information. In my last game, I told our A Sol to teleport backdoor as our minions were at their nexus and it went to all chat, their Urgot backed and ended up saving the game, one player complained.

To avoid revealing critical information to the enemy team, players suggest you use the Shift and Enter shortcut to use all chat and just Enter key for communicating with your team. But you should stay mindful of the fact that if you use this command repeatedly, your default chat will become all chat.

From Patch 13.5, you can communicate with your party only, but this will most likely demand hand-changing the channel to party.

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