LoL players are begging Riot to stop trying to fix Yuumi and just focus on other champs

"More of a dog person, huh?"

Since her release in 2019, Yuumi has been controversial in League of Legends, as people either love or hate her.

The Magical Cat has a relatively easy kit for beginners to learn, shes adorable, and her voice lines are excellent, making her one of the few gateway champs for those wanting to get into League. However, the fact she can be untargetable while attached to an ally champion means she is tough to kill and can be pretty painful to lane against.

Riot announced they were rolling out a rework for Yuumi in Patch 13.5 to help make the laning phase a better experience for her AD carry and to make the laning phase matter to Yuumi. Before Patch 13.5, she had a win rate of 39.42 percent across all ranks

And although her win rate did shoot up after her rework was released, so did her pick rate and, subsequently her ban rate jumped by 15.1 percent. But her rework has been dubbed a failure with the many bugs and a spike in in-game power.

League fans are fed up with Riots desire to keep reworking Yuumi while keeping her untargetable, which is something the devs have said they dont plan on changing.

Instead, players believe Riot needs to start focusing on the other 150 champions that need a kit update or an overhaul, like Skarner, to help make them viable in this current met.

Deep down, we know Yuumi will never be fixed as long as the untargetability remains, one bereaved League fan wrote on Reddit on March 11. Think about all the other champions or systems in this game that need to be looked at.

It was an opinion most League fans in the thread shared too.

So, unless Riot removes Yuumis inability to be targeted while attached to an ally champion, players want Riot to stop focusing on Yuumi and to focus on the many other champions that have been thrown on the back burner.

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