LoL players agree Riot desperately needs to hotfix one broken item

We can only hope for nerfs.

League of Legends Patch 13.10 rolled out on May 16, bringing major item reworks to Summoners Rift and Howling Abyss. While AD carries are busy pairing the new Stormrazor with just about anything, League players are begging Riot Games to hotfix another item.

On May 21, the community discussed Durability Patch and how it feels right now that were back to a one-shot meta, as Zeds and Rengars run wild on Summoners Rift deleting all squishies standing between them and the Nexus. But, the problem isnt the champions themselves, but actually Youmuu’s Ghostblade. 

Certain items and champs are currently an issue. Youmuus is the biggest offender right now and is in clear hotfix territory, one League player noted.

Starting with League Patch 13.10, Youmuu’s Ghostblade is a Mythic item that costs 3,100 gold and gives 60 Attack Damage, 20 Ability Haste, 25 bonus Movement Speed, 18 Lethality, and an additional eight to 20 Lethality when you fully stack its passive, Spectral Shards. 

I am personally shocked that up to 38 Lethality on one item… is game-breakingly strong, commented another League player as the rest of the community implored Riot to consider nerfing this broken item.

As a direct result of the new and improved version of Youmuus Ghostblade, Zeds, Qiyanas, Hecarims, and Rengars win rate increased by at least 0.5 percent in Patch 13.10 without receiving any straight buffs. Normally, after an item rework, you want to see champions building it more often, but you dont like to see such an abrupt increase in win rate. 

While 38 Lethality is strong, the real reason this item is broken, according to players, is the bonus Movement Speed on active and 40 bonus speed from its passive, allowing you to catch up with any AD carry or mage desperately trying to escape your claws.

So far, only Yasuo, Yone, and Kindred have received hotfixes and its possible we see a hotfix nerf to Youmuu. The real challenge here is to nerf the item while still trying to keep it relevant and rewarding for assassins.

If Riot decides against a hotfix, we could see changes in Patch 13.11, but thats still a week away. For now, youll have to bear with Hecarims and Rengars and buy defensive items to hopefully survive the burst. 

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