LoL player snags easiest pentakill of their life with Draven in ARAM game

Clean-up crew.

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League of Legends player secured one of the most straightforward and simple pentakills theyll ever get in an ARAM game. Using Draven, the player walked into a one-vs-five scenario and mopped up the remainder of a teamfight, instantly killing five individual enemies with auto attacks and abilities. 

Within 20 seconds, the player grabbed a pentakill that not only goes down in the books as one of the easiest of all time but also saved their game from being a guaranteed loss. 

In the clip, the Draven player uses the Howling Abyss Frostgates to teleport behind the entirety of the enemy team, setting themselves up for a prime chance at a one-vs-five pentakill. Naturally, the Draven player begins to spin their axes, critically striking an enemy Syndra to instantly grab the first kill. They then proceed to drop that axe on the ground in front of them and use a natural auto attack to take down an opposing Sylas. 

The Draven player then sets their eyes on the three remaining enemiesall of whom are bunched up in a tight cluster along the right side of the map. The Draven uses a combo of Stand Aside (E) and a natural auto attack to take down an approaching Camille before autoing a nearby Lillia to secure the quadra kill. 

The last target in the Draven players onslaught was a Morgana player, who immediately began to run in the opposite direction when they realized they were the final piece of the puzzle required to finish off the Dravens pentakill. But our hero remained headstrong, using a long-range Whirling Death (R) to snipe the Morgana and grab the pentakill, all while defending their base from what would have been a certain defeat. 

Eventually, however, the Draven player lost the game despite posting an 18/9/14 scoreline, according to OP.GG.

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