LoL player shows off trick every Warwick main should know

Take notes.

League of Legends at its core is a complex game with tons of moving parts. The Rift plays host to 10 players helming unique champions that each hold at least four abilities along with passives and different forms in certain cases. That leaves a lot of room for weird interactions between certain champions, and one Reddit user found a particularly silly one in a recent League game. 

Reddit user InfiniteSoloQ yesterday discovered a pretty hilarious and useful way to teleport across the map as Warwickwithout the summoner spell. When a player casts Jaws of the Beast (Q), Warwick lunges at the target and sprawls across him. The animation takes a bit of time to throw Warwick across the selected target, opening up a window for weird interactions, in this case involving Shen and his ultimate Stand United (R). Stand United allows Shen to teleport to an ally anywhere on the map while giving them a big shield as Shen charges the teleport. This custom teleport takes Shen a couple of seconds to cast and can be interrupted by crowd control but not damage on the player. Combine these two abilities and InfiniteSoloQ used the new and improved custom Warwick teleport.

InfiniteSoloQ cast Warwicks Q, lunging him at the enemy Shen just as Stand United was about to send the enemy player to his ally. Thanks to some timing magic as Warwicks character crossed over, Shen teleported to his ally and brought a far-from-loyal canine companion with him. Because InfiniteSoloQ was in the middle of executing Jaws of the Beast when Stand United’s teleport when through, it forced him to go with Shen and complete the lunge where he teleported. InfiniteSoloQ went on to not only kill the enemy Shen but pick up a double kill, swinging a late-game teamfight in his favor.

This is far from the first example of free teleport interactions with Shens ultimate. Akali can have a very similar, more common, and funnier-looking animation with a Shen using her Shuriken Flip (W). Akali throws a shuriken forward and if it tags an enemy champion, she can recast it to gap close and land back on top of the target. If Akali recasts Shuriken Flip and doesnt finish the return animation before Shen is sent across the map, Akali will traverse the entirety of Summoners Rift, chasing her lost shuriken at lightning speed. It’s definitely an interaction worth watching.

That Akali-Shen interaction has been around for years since Akalis rework and has not been hotfixed or changed in any patch. With its similarities to the Warwick-Shen interaction, it seems unlikely the free Warwick teleport will be changed anytime soon. Maybe a few players will try to recreate these interactions themselves after the video from InfiniteSoloQ blew up on Reddit. For now, just enjoy the gem of a clip before it sinks into the abyss of League videos that traverse the site every minute. 

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