LoL player brings power of the dark side to Summoner’s Rift with Star Wars crossover skin

Unlimited power.

This creative League of Legends player brought one of the most iconic Star Wars characters to Summoner’s Rift.

A Reddit user called jesus-messiah posted a custom Emperor Palpatine skin for Swain on League’s subreddit on March 14, and it looks incredible.

The Emperor Palpatine skin doesn’t have many details, but it’s still accurate to the Star Wars franchise. When Swain uses his abilities while using the skin, they are just like Palpatine’s powers from the movies, which should certainly please Star Wars fans. The most recognizable one is Swain’s Q, which looks like Palpatine’s lighting-like force in the original trilogy.

The creator made an effort to add a few of Palpatine’s voice lines to the game as well. When he uses his ultimate, for example, he screams “unlimited power.” The skin even has a unique dance echoing when Palpatine was betrayed by Darth Vader in the third part of the original Star Wars trilogy.

If you’re dying to have some fun with this Star Wars-themed skin in League, you can download it here.

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