LoL PBE gives players first details on returning and reworked ADC items

Nearly every item you can imagine building as an ADC is getting adjusted.

Changes are being made to the way AD carries will approach itemization in League of Legends. If you play ADC, you might want to buckle up, because in the near future, your worldview might get shifted, especially if youre one of those players who is stuck in their ways and builds the same six items each game. 

In an upcoming League patch, Riot Games will be making an effort to reshape the way AD carries approach Mythic items (and itemization as a whole), with several new items being given Mythic status and a few others being dropped down to the Legendary tier. Additionally, many core ADC items are being adjusted in terms of their throughput and price point, making the items you build and the choices you make during the course of a game that much more important. Many of the changes to ADC items were posted to Twitter by League insider Spideraxe

Currently on Leagues PBE, several iconic items, including Infinity Edge, Navori Quickblades, Guinsoos Rageblade, and Youmuus Ghostblade, have all been given a promotion and are now considered Mythic items. On the flip side, items such as Immortal Shieldbow and Kraken Slayers have had their Mythic statuses removed and their prices decreased as a result. The two items used to cost 3,400 gold but will cost only 3,000 moving forward. 

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While most items are keeping some form of their signature effects (such as Navori Quickblades on-hit cooldown-reduction effect and Infinity Edges bonus crit damage), Leagues new class of Mythic items will all be receiving Mythic effects that amplify the stats of any Legendary items that you build. 

  • Navori Quickblades: Grants all Legendary items five Ability Haste
  • Infinity Edge: Grants all Legendary items five Attack Damage
  • Youmuus Ghostblade: Grants all Legendary items eight Attack Damage
  • Guinsoos Rageblade: Grants all Legendary items five percent Armor Penetration and six percent Magic Penetration. 

Beyond the Mythics, other ADC items set to receive changes in the near future include Stormrazor, which is getting a buff to its AD, as well as a price increase, and Rapid Firecannon, which is being altered to now give AD but less attack speed. Bloodthirster will also see a massive change implemented soon as the items Overheal effect is being replaced with an “Engorge” effect that increases your AD when over 50 percent HP. 

For all of the League oldheads out there, Statikk Shiv will be making a comeback as well. The item will look a bit different than it did in 2020, though, as it now gives AD, attack speed, and crit chance, while costing 400 gold more than it used to. Additionally, Shiv will build out of Noonquiver, Kircheis Shard, and a Cloak of Agility, with Zeal being taken out of its old build path. 

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The changes to these items will likely come after the Mid-Season Invitational, according to Riot. Its unlikely that they’ll ship with the release of Patch 13.9 or Patch 13.10, both of which launch during the month of May. 

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