LoL Patch 13.4 will finally introduce a long-awaited warding technique

Perfect vision.

Almost every League of Legends player knows that a good ward can be the difference between an enemy double kill and a swift escape from harm. But many players have also tried to place a ward over a wall into a specific spot, only to fail, much to the chagrin of all their teammates.

Warding is a key aspect of the game, and those who have mastered the placement of wards have quietly helped their team win through superior vision alone. To make the process simpler, Riot Games has finally released the ward indicator in League‘s new Patch 13.4, which shows exactly where a ward will drop for players to use on a regular basis.

Screengrab via Riot Games

When a player selects a regular ward or control ward, the player can now hover over an area and precisely place the item on the map. If the location is over terrain, the game will show the user where the ward will land instead, making it much easier to ward over walls into different bushes.

In multiple instances, players are usually caught out by the enemy team whenever they are forced to overextend in lane or in the jungle to place a ward for vision. But with this new option, players can hug a wall and place vision without having to move too far forward.

Special wards, like ones over the dragon pit wall, are useful for early-game information and can even lead to quick kills in the opening minutes of the game. They are, however, easily misplaced, since over-the-wall wards are a tad finicky with their exact positioning. This indicator should ensure that almost every ward a player puts down is in the right spot.

Thanks for the years of service, Scarra. But the players have all the tools they need now.

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