LoL MMO director leaves Riot Games for personal reasons early in title’s development cycle

He promises "the MMO is in good hands."

Since it was revealed Riot Games would be taking the League of Legends franchise to the next level through a massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game set in the expansive Runeterra universe, fans have been excited.

Besides the prospect of a League MMO, one of the reasons why wider MMO fans are excited was because of Greg Street, the game’s director. Greg is well-known in the gaming community, having worked on releases like Arcane, Realms of Runeterra, and K/DA. And he was the system designer for World of Warcraft for several years to boot.

Although the official release date for the game hasn’t been decided, it was presumed to launch in 2024 or early 2025. However, that may be up in the air now, after Greg announced on Twitter he will be leaving Riot Games for personal reasons this month.

The decision wasn’t made lightly, he added. After experiencing devastating personal losses, Greg wants to be closer to his remaining family because grief shows you what truly matters.

While his situation is understandable, many people expressed concerns about the upcoming League MMO. Greg moved to address that alongside his exit, saying he’d brought together and carefully built an incredible team. He has faith, he continued, that the game is in good hands when it’s time to hand everything over for the next phase.

Riot co-founder Marc Merrill added on Twitter that the League MMO is still in early development, but that the devs have found “a direction were very excited about.” The studio boss added: “It will still be a VERY long road to get therethanks for being patient with us.”

With Greg stepping down, the future of the League MMO is unclear. However, we know this isn’t the end for Greg, as he plans to stay in game development and has already been presented with exciting opportunities. 

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