LoL fans agree on solution to make pro matches interesting to watch again

It would shake up the pro scene.

After the domination of the AD carry meta by Aphelios and Jinx during Mid-Season Invitational 2023, some League of Legends fans proposed a solution that would make the competitive scene much more enjoyable to watch.

Fans rallied on Facebook on May 23, where they discussed how the constant domination from Jinx and Aphelios during the international events ruined the viewing experience for many of them. To fix it, they agreed that tweaking the pick and ban phase and rules would be a massive improvement.

They said allowing the teams to pick a certain champion only once in a best-of-five series would be an entertaining solution, given how many champs there are in League’s roster.

“If it’s a Best of 5, they’re only allowed to use the same Champ once and all banned Champs once,” one of the top comments wrote. “Each team can only use a certain champion one time per set. This way we don’t see Aphelios vs Jinx 5 times back to back,” another one added.

The discussion began after it was revealed both Aphelios and Jinx produced a 75 percent presence rate at MSI 2023, with each one picked at least 40 times. This was more than Lucian, who had the third-highest presence with 64 percent, and significantly greater than other champs who were expected to dominate the event like Xayah and Zeri, according to Games of Legends. Both of them failed to break the 50 percent threshold.

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While this idea certainly seems fun, it’s very unlikely Riot Games will actually take it into consideration since it would force pro teams to revamp their strategies from the get-go and would drastically change the scene.

Still, there’s hope for League viewers following the release of Patch 13.10, which introduced a bunch of major changes to the game. The following update, Patch 13.11, will also bring another major list of tweaks. So, once the main regions return to action this Summer, the game should be quite different from what we saw at MSI 2023.

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