LoL devs forced to delay parts of Yuumi rework after bug breaks her update

"Get ready to face the mighty Yuumi! Oh, and Book."

As one of the most controversial champions in League of Legends, Yuumi has a notorious reputation, with players loving or hating her. To combat that overwhelming divide, Riot has been working on a Yuumi rework, which they then surprised fans by dropping straight into League Patch 13.5 this week.

The League balance team has been quite open about how hard it’s been balancing the Magical Cat, which isnt surprising considering her kit. Yuumis abilities allow her to heal her teammates and deal damage while being attached to one of her teammates, where she was also untargetable. 

This means when a Yuumi player attaches to a fed AD carry, the game can feel quite oppressive for the other team.

While she will remain a support champion that attaches to an ally after the March rework, her updated skills should provide a new way for League players to pilot her. If youre a Yuumi main, you may want to read through what has changed, been removed, or updated because she is no longer the same.

Unfortunately, not everything is going to hit live League servers when Patch 13.5 arrives though. Just days out from the update, the dev team has announced they’re going to have to hold back her special effects for at least another cycle.

The delay comes after Riot uncovered an audio issue hidden in the SFX for Yuumi’s ultimate, in particular with her Edward Gaming Worlds skin, as well as a tough bug buried in the E ability animations of her Yuubee cosmetic.

While this may not sound like a big deal, the SFX plays so loud when the bug activates that nothing else can be heard. To combat this, Riot is adding temporary SFX, for now.

Yuumi mains and magical cat enthusiasts prepare for an all-new Yuumi rolling out in League Patch 13.5, with her intended SFX then arriving in Patch 13.6.

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