LoL bug hilariously sends Zeri flying off the map with almost no hope of returning

One more bug to fix.

Since her release in 2022, Zeri has revolved around being a lighting fast electricity-fueled AD carry thats impossible to catch and that can kite you for days. Due to her dominant presence in pro play, Zeri has been tweaked and fixed in almost every patch. But with each hotfix, a new unintended interaction seemingly arises like Zeri flying off the map with almost no hope of returning to the game.

On March 12, well-known League bug hunter, Vandril, shared a video where we see a Zeri player using Spark Surge in ARAM and ending somewhere in the depths of the Howling Abyss. In this interaction, the player manages to find their way back to the map.

While reproducing the bug, Vandril couldnt find his way back to the map and was stuck in the fountain. Although the bug hunter was stuck in the wall of the fountain, they could still use Zeris abilities.

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To reproduce this bug, go to the Howling Abyss map and use Zeris Spark Surge near the stones next to the fountain. This should work if youre playing as a member of the blue team or the red team. The bug was, however, only tested on the blue side of the map and it remains to be seen if this bug can be reproduced on the red side of Howling Abyss. 

Although not a groundbreaking bug, Riot Games will hopefully step in soon and fix it.

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