LNG demolish Weibo Gaming to advance in 2022 LPL Summer Split playoffs

LNG’s miracle run continues.

LNG Esports seem to have finally found their winning rhythm this split. After beating Bilibili Gaming in their previous playoff matchup, they beat Weibo Gaming today in a dominant 3-1 series to advance further in the 2022 LPL Summer Split playoff bracket.

League of Legends fans saw a reinvigorated LNG side on the stage today. There were a lot of spectacular plays made by Doinb, Ale, and Light that helped LNG secure two quick games.

In game one, LNG continuously ganked Weibos top lane to shut down TheShys Gwen pick. This allowed them to garner a huge gold lead and snowball in the match. With Lights Lucian popping off in the late game, LNG secured their first victory in the series.

Game two was all about Doinb showcasing his Yone skills in the mid lane. He got first blood followed by a triple kill on Weibo. This boosted his Yone way ahead of the enemy champions. From there, the game was just one-sided as any comeback attempts by Weibo were squashed by the fed LNG team. Doinb was the star of the show, ending the second game with a 7/0/5 KDA.

LNGs speeding train was finally halted by Weibos Angel in game three. The mid laners Ahri pick proved to be the magic that Weibo Gaming needed to stay alive in this series. He picked off LNGs champions multiple times in skirmishes, allowing his team to generate a gold lead. His 8/0/6 performance was crucial in Weibo getting their first win of the day.

But losing one game was not enough to dampen LNGs spirit. They went into game four with high confidence and showcased a dominant performance, similar to their first two games. This time, it was Doinbs Akali and Lights Zeri who proved to be Weibos bane. Doinb jumped into teamfights going directly for the enemy backline while Light kited the enemy champions from a distance.

After getting their second Baron, LNG aced Weibo and successfully destroyed their Nexus, winning the game and series.

With this loss, Weibo Gaming are out of the LPL Summer Split playoffs as well as the race for Worlds 2022. Hence, their 2022 season ends here. LNG advance further in the playoff bracket, but their next series is not going to be an easy one. They will go up against the in-form V5 on Aug. 21.

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