LJL’s V3 Esports snap 39-game losing streak, a professional League record

V3 have won their first game in nearly a year.

The longest losing streak in the history of professional League of Legends has finally come to an end. V3 Esports of the LJL claimed their first win in 356 days earlier today when they defeated AXIZ, snapping a 39-game losing streak that dated back to the 2021 season.

V3 Esports losing streak began in the 2021 LJL Summer Split playoffs when the team was swept out of the postseason by AXIZ. That three-game sweep marked the beginning of a historic streak for V3, who wouldnt return to the LJL stage until the 2022 Spring Split. When they came back to pro play, though, they proceeded to lose all 21 of their spring games. The only player to return to the teams roster between the 2021 Summer playoffs and the 2022 Spring Split was jungler Yunika. 

The team kept its roster intact between this years Spring and Summer Splits, despite the winless effort in the first half of the year. With an additional 15 losses in the bag to open up the Summer Split, V3s loss total ballooned to a mark of 39 before defeating AXIZthe team they originally lost to when the streak kicked off last summer.

Todays game saw V3 claim victory by a total kill score of 19-4, with AD carry Dresscode participating in 18 of his teams 19 kills on the day. Despite the heavy disparity in kills, though, V3 still had to make an effort to climb back into the game, as the gold lead sat in AXIZs favor throughout the majority of the contest. It wasnt until the 26-minute mark when V3 claimed a Baron buff on the heels of a teamfight victory near the Ocean Drake that the team was ahead for good. 

V3s reached the League World Championship in 2020 after winning the LJL Summer Split that season. Since that appearance, the team holds a match record of 20-52 in the LJL, with all but one of those wins coming in 2021. 

V3s historic-for-all-the-wrong-reasons losing streak could be safely untouched for a while, considering it took a monumental effort to eclipse the original record of a 34-game losing streak set by VaeVictis Esports of the LCL back in 2019, who were removed from the league due to an unacceptable level of competitiveness before the 2020 season.  

Contenders to keep an eye on include the PCS SEM9, who have lost nine games in a row, and Gravitas of the LCO, who are currently in the midst of a 20-game losing streak.   

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