Liquid’s raid leader admits one critical move helped them secure WoW Aberrus Race to World First win

A simple yet elegant move to outsmart the competition.

World of Warcraft’s Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Race to World First ended on May 15 with Liquid defeating Scalecommander Sarkareth ahead of rivals Echo and Method. In a post-race discussion, Liquids raid leader Max “Maximum” Smith admitted one critical move allowed them to secure the win.

Soon after the initial excitement settled down and Liquids raid leader sat down to share his thoughts on stream, he revealed not streaming the day before the final day of the race helped them snag the win. 

Thats why we didnt stream last night. I feel like if we would have streamed this strat and they woke up to this, they would have killed it before we woke up, Maximum said after the race.

On May 14, when Liquid was getting ready to go to bed, Echo and Method were slowly waking up from their slumber and preparing for the long day ahead of them. At that time, Liquid defeated Echo of Neltharion and made their way to the last boss of the raid, Scalecommander Sarkareth. The progress Liquid made was incredible, and instead of trying to push on stream, the guild continued off-stream.

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Everything we do after this point tonight, its only gonna directly benefit our competition and that sounds like a really fucking stupid idea, Maximum said the night before Sarkareth went down.

Essentially, Maximum and Liquid had figured out the last boss of the raid and had a unique strategy that Echo and Method couldnt figure out by the time Liquid was back on their feet and blasting the boss. By not streaming, Liquid also kept a potential Mythic phase secret which normally takes the best guilds a couple of days to figure out. 

The next Race to World First will take place when Patch 10.2 drops which, according to Dragonflight’s patch roadmap, should be in the fall or winter later this year.

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