Liquid slams ALGS door on its way out, points to Respawn and EA as reason for withdrawal

TL still loves Apex but left pointed comments for the ALGS.

While it was already known that Team Liquid was letting its competitive Apex Legends team look for a new home, the organization released a statement today more fully explaining its decision to exit the scene. And in doing so, Liquid pulled back the curtain on some of its issues with the Apex Legends Global Series and its organizers.

In its statement, Liquid repeatedly affirmed its like and belief in Apex itself. But the org is choosing to exit the competitive scene due to the lack of support teams receive from the ALGS and its organizers.

On the financial side of things, the ALGS and how it is moving forward with monetization for teams simply doesn’t fit with our operations, and so we need to take our leave, the statement reads, before noting that the team takes no pleasure in exiting the scene. The statement goes on to note that the org isnt exiting the game completely, with content creators Acie and Rogue remaining with the organization and serving as Liquids ambassadors in the Apex community.

Liquid CEO Steve Arhancet took an even more direct shot at the ALGS and its organizers in his individual statement below the orgs statement, noting that Liquid strive[s] to only participate in games where the developers support the teams, so the teams can support their players in turn. He also notes that he hopes Liquid can return to competitive Apex at some point, firmly placing the reasoning behind Liquids departure on the lack of support ALGS orgs get from the tournament series and its organizers.

On paper, Liquid was a dream organization for Apex. It invested heavily in the game and its competitive scene right at the beginning with not one, but two separate teams. After the lull that immediately followed the games launch and the COVID-19 pandemic that placed its esports plans on hold for so long, Liquid was one of the few major organizations to stick with the game and continue to field rosters, alongside a few others like TSM and NRG. And in 2022, Liquids perseverance was paid off with a roster that proved to be one of North Americas best, taking second place at the Split Two Playoffs and 12th at the ALGS Championship.

But its clear that Liquid didnt see a path forward, which calls into question other esports teams’ involvement in ALGS play. In a time when the entire esports scene is feeling budget crunches and roster drops abound, Liquids exit could signal a sea change for an esports scene that showed off its growth and potential this year.

If Liquid is leaving, how long before other major organizations reconsider their place in Apex? Its a question that Respawn and EA will need to ponder if they want to capitalize on the momentum the ALGS built for itself in 2022.

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