Liquid send NA allies Complexity home from PGL Antwerp Major, could potentially reach Legends stage despite 0-2 start

When NA wins, NA loses.

Team Liquid took down Complexity 2-0 in a clash of North American CS:GO rosters at the PGL Antwerp Major today, eliminating their American counterparts from the Challengers Stage. Liquid have reached the decisive round five of the Swiss stage despite a lackluster 0-2 start.

Liquid started the series a bit shaky, at one point trailing on their own pick, Ancient, 11-8 with primary fragger EliGE struggling. But Liquid rallied by winning eight of the next nine rounds to close out a stellar CT-side, with a strong showing coming from the French legend shox.

After switching to Vertigo, Liquid started building an early lead on the CT side despite Complexity making a number of those rounds close and stealing a couple of pistols. Liquid took a 12-3 before switching sides and looked crisp and clutch in their T-side executes once they got guns in their hands. Liquid reached a 15-5 lead before Complexity attempted to mount a desperate but still impressive comeback. A late A execute finally secured the 16-12 victory for Liquid, though, propelled by a 29-kill performance by NAF.

The two North American representatives both started the Challengers Stage on the wrong foot with opening-round losses, and Liquid took another misstep with a loss to former AWPer FalleN and Imperial Esports. Complexity then split maps with IHC and Outsiders, forcing them into the 1-2 pool against Liquid after EliGE and crew dashed 9z’s hopes in a two-map series.

Liquid now move into the 2-2 pool and will play a decisive best-of-three in which a win means advancing to the Legends Stage and a loss means going home early.

For Complexity, the roster of former Extra Salt, Liquid, and FURIA players has found some success in domestic competition, but the group formed just a few months ago and is still seeking that breakthrough performance at an international event.

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