Liquid owner Steve Arhancet confirms ‘the roster will be different’ for 2023 LCS season

Liquid fell short of Worlds by just one game this season.

Team Liquid owner Steve Arhancet addressed the organizations fans today following a disappointing end to the franchises League of Legends season. In the video posted to Twitter, Arhancet confirmed that the teams League roster will be different in 2023. 

This season, Liquid put together a superteam of five veteran League players, all of whom had experience on both the domestic and international stages. Across Liquids starting lineup, all five players had reached the World Championship at some point in the last two seasons. 

Moving forward, though, Liquid intends to use its internal development programs instead of looking toward free agency for success. 

In 2023, Liquid has plans to [double] down on some of the areas where weve seen incredible success so far, and also the opportunity to build players using the Team Liquid infrastructure rather than this concept of building superteams, according to Arhancet. 

Arhancet also acknowledged that the strategy of building superteams worked for the organization in the past, but that times are changing. 

This season, Liquid had the intention of building a roster that would potentially be the best roster that the region had seen in the last decade, according to Arhancet. Those plans ultimately fell through the floor last weekend when the team finished just one game short of a Worlds berth, losing in the lower bracket of the LCS Championship to Evil Geniuses. 

This is a breaking news story with more details to follow. Updates will be added as soon as possible.

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