Limited in MTG changes forever with March of the Machine set

Magic's Limited meta will never be the same.

Wizards of the Coast is shaking up the Limited format with the launch of March of the Machine, the fourth Magic: The Gathering set in the Phyrexian Multiverse war.

With the release of each MTG Standard-legal set is a new Limited format, a space where players dive into the design of the set, from Common rarity cards to Mythic Rare. Most Limited decks contain a very small number of high-rarity cards, as there are only a few slots for them in booster packs. But all that is about to change. Both Sealed and Draft packs will have their contents altered with the release of March of the Machines, according to WPN.

All Draft boosters for Phyrexia: All Will Be One contains one Rare or Mythic Rare and three Uncommon rarity cards. Both Rare/Mythic Rare and Uncommon slots are getting increased in March of the Machines

  • Rare and/or Mythic Rare: One to two cards
  • Uncommon: Three to five
  • Common: Eight to nine
  • Land: One land

And all prerelease packs, according to WPN, will contain one new Mythic Rare traditional foil in 18 percent of the prerelease packs, in addition to the existing slot of one Rare or Mythic Rare that has a year-stamp and has a traditional foil treatment.

An increase in high rarity slots within Draft boosters will alter the Limited meta forever, as it increases the odds of pulling some of the most powerful cards in an MTG set. It may even alter how players prioritize pack picks.

The WPN release also revealed details about the March of the Machine Commander decks. Each will contain “10 specialty cards and one foil-etched display commander.” 

Players can test out the new MTG Limited meta with prerelease kicking off on April 14. The digital release of March of the Machines is scheduled for April. 18. 

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