Limited edition Overwatch League skins could be making a return soon

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Overwatch fans who missed the opportunity to purchase limited edition Legendary skins may finally have the chance to pick them up soon.

According to Overwatch Cavalry, who posted a video on Twitter, the Vault event is making its return to the game. Last time around, the event brought back Legendary skins from the summer and fall.  

The first event brought MVP skins to the game such as Zen-Nakji and Flying Ace Winston, and the second featured Overwatch League’s All-Star skins.

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Since the skins will be available in Overwatch 2, they could return between October and November, which will be ahead of the OWL grand finals, according to Naeri. “The detailed sales schedule looks like it will go on sale again between the #OWL2022 Playoffs and the Grand Finals. It will also be sold together with Team Remix,” they said on Twitter.

This year’s Vault event could feature All-Star and MVP skins, but it probably won’t include all legacy Legendary skins linked to the OWL since neither of the past iterations did either.

Overwatch 2 is expected to release on Oct. 4, bringing new hero Kirito, the game’s first battle pass, hero reskins, and much more.

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