Light the fuse: Apex Legends finally goes all in on one of its most popular ships

Looks like it's not just the map that's new in season 15.

After spending just about every second of Fuses time in Apex Legends teasing the fact that there was something between him and one of the games original legends, theyve finally done it. Fuse and Bloodhound have finally stopped awkwardly flirting in the middle of the bloodsport competition and had a real, honest conversation about their mutual feelings for each other.

And, of course, they hunted down an intimidating-looking creature while they did it. Because this is Fuse and Bloodhound were talking about.

Fusehound fans will be elated that the long-teased relationship seems to finally be happening, as the animated and fully voice-acted comic resolves with Fuse and Bloodhound embracing after hashing out some serious relationship fears. And, while its unclear exactly what happens at the end of the comic, it seems that Bloodhound might even remove their mask in front of Fuse, a show of vulnerability they have never afforded any other legend in the games.

Fuse and Bloodhound have had several flirtatious voice lines for quite a while, which came to a head in the season 14 quest when Vantage pointed out that the pair clearly had romantic feelings for each other. Fuse came close to outright confirming it before Bloodhound tried to brush the subject off and claim that the pair were just friends, hurting Fuses feelings in the process and leading to their voice lines while interacting with each other during matches becoming a bit more somber and even passive aggressive.

In the comic, Bloodhound reveals their fears of vulnerability and allowing themself to reciprocate Fuses feelings, at least in part due to losing Boone, a past love. When Fuse reassures Bloodhound that he wont be leaving or abandoning Bloodhound, the two kiss.

With the romance between the two characters now firmly established, Fusehound becomes Apexs second canonical relationship between two playable characters, after Valkyrie and Loba. And after the popularity of the interactions between Bloodhound and Fuse in the past, its safe to say that the officially minted pairing will be a welcome one to many Apex fans.

Of course, a new relationship will also probably mean new unique voice lines between the two that will come out when the new season of Apex, Eclipse, releases on Nov. 1. So, just in case a new map and new legend werent enough reason to get excited for season 15, Respawn will have a little extra treat for the communitys lore buffs when the new season arrives next week.

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