Leviatán immortalizes kiNgg with gorgeous graphic after sensational VALORANT clutch

Welcome to the kiNggdom of Haven.

Leviatán player Francisco “kiNgg” Aravena is highly regarded as one of the best VALORANT players in the world, and after the great player produced an all-time career-defining moment on the big stage of VCT LOCK//IN, his Argentinian club immortalized it forever.

In map one of Leviatán’s second-round series against Vitality on Feb. 25, both sides showed out in a back-and-forth affair on Haven, with three overtimes needed to decide a winner. But it was kiNgg who ended up being the deciding factor as the clutch king, with three clutches already to his name heading into what ended up being the final round.

Facing a one-vs-two situation but with the benefit of the spike already being planted, kiNgg took an aggressive stance, catching ceNder and taking away the use of his Killjoy utility. And even though that unlocked Rolling Thunder, kiNgg trusted his aim and caught Destrian as he swung, securing a win with his fourth clutch of the map. As the crowd roared, kiNgg got to his feet, stretched his arms wide, and stared down the entire Vitality team before his teammates surrounded him in an embrace.

On the morning after, the Leviatán account posted a gorgeous digital image of the moment, with a simple caption of KING (in Spanish) with a crown. Heading into Leviatán’s match against NAVI, the image had over 500 retweets and over 200,000 views on Twitter.

If VALORANT wanted to take another page out of the CS:GO playbook and immortalize great pro plays with in-game graphics, then this image should be heavily considered for the A site on Haven. It was there back in Masters Copenhagen 2022 where kiNgg produced another iconic play on Raze, blast-packing from the site into Tower and hitting an impossible headshot against XSET to retrieve the lost spike and rescue the series for his team.

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