Let ’em cook: Riot is finally developing a new, unique game mode for League of Legends

The wait might be over, summoners.

After clamoring for changes over the last few months, League of Legends‘ executive producer Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee and head of League Studio Andrei “Meddler” van Roon spoke to the general player base in a transparent statement outlining some of the company’s plans for the upcoming year and beyond.

One of the big announcements that Brightmoon and Meddler had was the confirmation of a new League game mode that was in the works with the newly-created game mode team. This should be welcome news for every single player that has been craving a different experience outside of the Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss, or Teamfight Tactics boards.

This game mode will feature four teams of two players who are matched up in a series of deathmatch-like rounds. In the prototype’s current form, players can also buy items and level up in between those rounds before they are thrown into battle again.

If development continues to go smoothly, Riot expects this new mode to be available on live servers around summer 2023, but while we eagerly wait, the developers plan to send out more details about the game mode, teaser images, and general art this coming March.

The last time League players had a drastically different game mode was back when Nexus Blitz was introduced in 2018, but since then, summoners have had to rotate between modes like ARURF and Ultimate Spellbook.

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