Legends return: Topson, Old G one step away from making it into Dota Pro Circuit

The legends are almost back in the spotlight.

Fans of OG legends Ceb, Topson, and N0tail have experienced all kinds of ups and downs this season. When news about them forming a new team called Old G with NoOne and MSS broke out in Dec. 2022, it felt like all was right in the Dota 2 world again.

That changed, of course, when a series of upsets ended their season before it could even take off. The disappointment of the outcome deeply affected N0tail, and he eventually stepped down. MSS left too.

But even though the team was down for a moment, they certainly werent out. Ukrainian star Resolut1on joined their ranks, along with experienced American player and analyst Kitrak.

Since then, things have been on the up. Old G cruised through the DPC WEU 2023 Tour Two: Open Qualifier #1, beating a number of lesser-known teams without dropping a game.

The true challenge, however, is about to begin. Theyll face Bald Reborn in the DPC WEU 2023 Tour Two: Closed Qualifier, along with seven others from qualifiers.

Image via Ceb on Instagram

Theoretically, given how much talent and experience is in their roster, they should be able to nab one of the two placement spots. Team Bald Reborn, who have star player w33 in their ranks, will likely nab the second.

But as weve seen in previous qualifiers, nothing is set in stone.

Assuming things do pan out well for them the iconic players will have earned their way back into the Dota Pro Circuit again. Well find out once things kick off on March 19.

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