Legends of Runeterra Worldwalker spoiler season will start with livestream later this week

Worldwalker is coming to break the rules of Legends of Runeterra.

Riot Games is set to kick off spoiler season for the new Legends of Runeterra expansion, Worldwalker, which is slated to launch via Patch 3.8.

A new Legends of Runeterra expansion called Worldwalker will release near the end of May, featuring four new champions with unique deck-building rules (Jhin), keywords, a total of 65 cards, and Path of Champions 2.0. Since the champions are breaking rules within the new expansion, so is Riot with a livestream kicking off the Worldwalker spoiler season on May 13 at 11am CT. 

Image via Riot Games

The Worldwalker spoiler stream will contain card reveals and an LoR developer Q&A, all hosted by Casanova. Viewers will have the opportunity to directly influence the first card reveals of the season and witness the release of Worldwalker’s official trailer. 

In addition to card reveals and the official trailer, LoR Worldwalker design leads Jon “RiotIAmWalrus” Moormann and Tyler Morgan will answer questions live on stream. Players and fans can submit questions prior to the May 13 stream via this Google form

Jhin is the only rule-breaking LoR Worldwalker champion that has been revealed so far. The champs are essentially their own region, according to Riot, allowing players to put cards with Skills from any region into a deck with these four new champions. We also know that Jhin is a four-cost champion but their level-up and other abilities will remain unknown until the May 13 Worldwalker livestream. 

The Worldwalker expansion will release via Patch 3.8 after the A Curious Journey Seasonal tournament takes place this month. Riot has not announced an official launch date yet but it is likely May 25. All LoR Worldwalker spoilers will drop each day via official Legends of Runeterra social channels leading up to the release of the expansion. 

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