Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.7: Full notes and updates

The stage is getting set for the new Worldwalker expansion.

Riot Games is getting ready for the Legends of Runeterra expansion releasing at the end of May, along with addressing several bug fixes and quality-of-life updates via Patch 3.7.

The new LoR expansion called Worldwalker is set to release at the end of May following the A Curious Journey Seasonal tournament. The expansion will include an upgrade to Path of Champions, along with four new Legends of Runeterra champions, 65 cards, and new keywords. A livestream on May 13 will kick off the Worldwalker spoiler season. 

In addition to the upcoming release of the LoR Worldwalker expansion, the devs are including changes to Play/Cast rules for copied spells from champions like Taric, Karma, and Jayce to count as “Played” spells. This will also include Mirror Mage. Adjustments are getting applied based on feedback from the LoR community. All these changes will be applied via Patch 3.8, which is also the official release update for the Worldwalker expansion. 

Patch 3.7 doesn’t contain any balance or system changes but does address some bug issues, along with a few quality-of-life fixes. Here are all the fixes in LoR Patch 3.7, according to Riot. 

  • New art and FX were added to Ruined Draven’s Spinning Axes
  • Maphites Rockslide skill will no longer have a missing Prismatic version
  • The Lagoon of Legends board will no longer have water splashing over the center dividing line
  • Burst spells will no longer cause the screen to dim in brightness upon getting cast anymore
  • An issue causing spells to display “Cast” and “Play” inconsistently has been resolved
  • An issue causing buffs to display incorrectly after a unit has been recalled has been resolved
  • The AI has been updated to prevent invalid actions from taking place
  • Language translations were updated 
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