Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.11: Full notes and updates

New skins, champions, and meta will all take place with the release of Patch 3.11.

Over 70 new Legends of Runeterra cards are getting added via the Forces from Beyond expansion that releases with Patch 3.11, along with a limited-time Star Guardian event and the return on Labs.

No balance changes are slated to take place within Patch 3.11 but the LoR update does include three new champions, a Star Guardian event, the return of Labs, new champions added to PoC, along with a bunch of personalizations that range from new skins to boards. Patch 3.11 is scheduled to release on July 20 at around 1pm CT. 

Players can get a sneak peek of the new Legends of Runeterra expansion via a Forces from Beyond early access event that will run from 1pm CT on July 19 up to the release of the new expansion on July 20. No list of content creators was provided by Riot, but players can search Legends of Runeterra on Twitch to see who is streaming the early access event.

Here are the full Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.11 notes, according to Riot.

New LoR keywords, champions, and Origins

The Forces from Beyond expansion contains a total of three new champions, with two slotting into one of the 10 standard regions and Evelynn having her own unique Origin region. 

  • Kai’Sa: Kai’Sa is a five-cost Shurima champion with Quick Attack and the keyword Evolve, thriving off positive keyword synergies while burning the enemy’s Nexus upon leveling up.
  • Gwen: Gwen is a four-cost champion in the Shadow Isles region with Quick Attack and the keyword Hallowed, synergizing with creatures dying while draining the enemy Nexus. 
  • Evelynn: Evelynn is a four-cost champion with her own Origin called Agony’s Embrace, allowing any cards that summon Husk tokens to get put in a deck running her as a champion. Husks provide Evelynn with keywords upon getting sacrificed and level her up. 

All three champions will spice up gameplay strategies and decks while incorporating new keywords like Hallowed and Evolve. 

  • Evolve: “I have +2/+2 once you’ve given or summoned allies with six-plus other unique positive keywords during this game.”
  • Hallowed: “After I die, for the rest of the game when you commit an attack, Hallow your first attacker (left to right), giving it +1/+0 that round. This effect stacks depending on how many Hallowed units have died during this game.”

Patch 3.11 Path of Champions 

Despite a shift in focus from Path of Champions back to PvP within Legends of Runeterra, the game mode will still get support and updates. Patch 3.11 adds the Shurima region to PoC, along with six new Relics. The Forces from Beyond update will also drop Kai’Sa, Evelynn, Gwen, and Taliyah into the Patch of Champions game mode. With the addition of Labs returning to LoR, the Path of Champions mode is an independent game mode from Labs. 

Patch 3.11 LoR Labs return

Patch 3.11 marks the official return of Labs to LoR. Providing players with alternate game modes outside of Path of Champions and PvP, the team has added two Labs for the sake of uncharted science. A total of three Labs are getting added with the release of Patch 3.11. 

Ultra Rapid Draw

The Ultra Rapid Draw lab is a fast-paced game mode that requires players to think fast. Players get a hand of random cards that have been heavily discounted each round and only have four mana to spend. 

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle is the first Constructed LoR Lab. Players will bring their own Constructed deck to each battle that takes place in the wilds of the Rift. Both you and your opponent will have a Vulnerable and Immobile jungle monster on their board. Slaying your opponent’s monster grants you a buff spell and spawns an upgraded monster in its place. 

Players can bring their own Constructed deck to the Welcome to the Jungle Lab or choose a quickplay mode that provides a Heimerdinger preconstructed deck. 

United Front (PvE)

United Front is the first co-op Lab, challenging players to compete against the AI in the Noxus region. Players can invite friends or match up with someone new. Players select a champion to create a premade deck while combining forces to defeat the Noxian generals controlled by the AI.  

LoR Star Guardian event

The Legends of Runeterra Star Guardian event officially launches with Patch 3.11 on July 20 and will run until Aug. 24 at 12pm CT. Included in the LoR Star Guardian event is an Event Pass that is packed with rewards for both free-to-play players and those who wish to upgrade the pass. 

Completing the Event Pass for the Star Guardian limited-time event rewards players with the Star Guardian Quinn skin. Purchasing the pass prior to Aug. 3 rewards players with an exclusive quest that awards 10 Stardust and a Rare Prismatic chest. Purchasing the upgraded Event Pass immediately unlocks the Seamstress Doll Guardian.

All skins, Guardians, boards, card backs, and emotes that are Star Guardian-related can be found here. 

  • Eight Icons
  • Four emotes
  • Four card backs
  • Four Guardians
  • One new game board
  • Eight LoR champion Star Guardian skins with some containing level-up animation, alternative art, and new voice lines


Patch 3.11 contains a total of two bundles. The first is a Hallowed Hunters preconstructed deck that includes a Star Guardian Gwen skin. The second is the Starlight Forces Bundle that offers skins and champion cards for a total of five LoR champions. 

  • Star Guardian Gwen
  • Star Guardian Senna
  • Star Guardian Lulu
  • Star Guardian Jinx
  • Start Guardian Taliyah

Patch 3.11 bug fixes

A total of four bug fixes were resolved with the release of LoR Patch 3.11.

  • Spell Slinger’s targeting text will update when damage is modified now.
  • All Landmark countdown numbers will get highlighted in yellow from now on.
  • An issue where text on some champion’s cards didn’t update to reflect damage buffs has been resolved.
  • Having a Thermogenic Beam in hand will no longer display the spell in the Action Log.
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