Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.0: Full notes and updates

Huge changes are taking place at the start of a new year.

Big changes are taking place within Legends of Runeterra following Riot Games’ winter break via Patch 3.0. 

LoR Patch 3.0 is scheduled to include a large number of buffs and nerfs, showcasing adjustments made to a total of nine champions. Curious Shellfolk, a highly beloved and hated card, was also hit along with Bandle City Mayor. The LoR balance team targeted dominant decks like Sion/Draven and Sejuani/Gangplank while “aiming to improve the meta and region diversity” via buffs to the Freljord region. 

Here’s every LoR Patch 3.0 balance change taking place, according to Riot Games.

LoR champion balance changes

Image via Riot Games

A nerf was applied to Sion’s toughness at all levels, especially at level one. Anivia has the potential to return to the meta via base stat buffs, along with Ashe thanks to a text change. Mono-Shuriman decks were improved with a Xerath buff, while Kindred was hit with a toughness nerf at both levels. Darius was also given a slight toughness stat buff. 

  • Sion level one: Power nerfed from 3/6 to 1/6 
  • Sion level two: Power nerfed from 10/6 to 8/6
  • Sion returned: Power nerfed from 10/4 to 8/4
  • Ashe: Level up requirement changed from “You’ve Frostbitten five-plus enemies” to “You’ve Frostbitten four-plus enemies.”
  • Trundle level one: Toughness buffed from 4/5 to 4/6
  • Trundle level two: Toughness buffed from 5/6 to 5/7
  • Anivia level one: Stats buffed from 2/4 to 3/5 
  • Anivia level two: Stats buffed from 3/5  to 4/6
  • Kindred: Changed from five-cost to four-cost
  • Kindred level one: Toughness reduced from 4/4 to 4/3 
  • Kindred level two: Toughness reduced from 5/5 to 5/4
  • Maokai: Level one and two ability text changed from “Effect triggers on Playing another ally” to “Effects triggers on Summoning another ally.”
  • Darius level one: Toughness buffed from 6/5 to 6/6
  • Darius level two: Toughness buffed from 10/5 to 10/6
  • Diana: Level one and two ability text changed from “Give me Challenger” via Nightfall to “Give me Challenger” via Nightfall or when you activate another Nightfall for this round.
  • Xerath level one: Toughness increased from 3/3 to 3/4 
  • Xerath level two: Toughness buffed from 4/4 to 4/5 
  • Xerath level three: “Ability now triggers on destroying a Landmark, and targets enemy units before targeting the Nexus.”

LoR unit balance changes

Image via Riot Games

Curious Shellfolk was on the hot seat for LoR Patch 3.0, resulting in a slight nerf to the card’s toughness. Bandle City Mayor was hit with a major text change, along with Lecturing Yordle. And Corina Veraza received a solid base stat buff. 

  • Curious Shellfolk: Toughness nerfed from 4/6 to 4/5
  • Bandle City Mayor: Text changed from “Your muli-region units cost one less” to “The first multi-region unit you play each round costs one less.”
  • Lecturing Yordle: Now only creates a Fleeting Poison Dart in hand upon attacking
  • Rimetusk Shaman: Toughness buffed from 3/3 to 3/4 
  • Poro Herder: Text changed from “When I’m summoned, draw a Poro if you have a Poro ally” to “When I’m summoned, if you behold a Poro, draw a Poro.”
  • Chump Wump: Toughness buffed from 4/3 to 4/4
  • Ruined Rex: Base stats buffed from 3/3 to 4/4
  • Ruined Rex: Triggered effect increased from five to six
  • Coral Creatures: Toughness buffed from 1/2 to 1/3 
  • Corina Veraza: Bast stats buffed from 6/6 to 8/8
  • Back Alley Barkeep: Toughness buffed from 3/2 to 3/3
  • Back Alley Barkeep: Can now create cards outside of your deck’s regions
  • Golden Crushbot: Card type changed from none to Mech

LoR spell balance changes

Image via Riot Games

Voices of the Old Ones was improved within LoR Patch 3.0 by pulling from the top five cards of your deck, as was It That Shares, which now deals three damage to all other units. And Iceborn Legacy was buffed from a Slow speed spell into a Burst spell. 

  • Buried Sun Disc: Changed from “Draw one of me at the start of game if all cards are Shuriman” to “Summon one of me at the start of game if all cards are Shruiman.”
  • Vengeance: Cost reduced from seven to six
  • Ascended’s Rise: Cost reduced from seven to six
  • Iceborn Legacy: Changed from Slow to Burst speed spell
  • Voices of the Old Ones: Text changed from “Top four cards in your deck” to “Top five cards in your deck.”
  • It That Shares: Damage buffed from deal two to all other units to deal three to all other units
  • Monster Harpoon: Plunder effect nerfed from costing three less to two less

LoR Patch 3.0 bug fixes

Image via Riot Games
  • A bug in which grabbing multiple cards only selected the first unit was resolved
  • Sapling Toss VFX was fixed
  • The Arsenal cards will no longer grant a random keyword upon the player destroying an enemy Landmark
  • Casting Singular Will on Tail-Cloak Matriarch will no longer display incorrect information via the Oracle’s Eye
  • VO bugs where allies weren’t interacting with summoned cards properly was resolved
  • A visual bug with stats floating in the air after the VFX was finished has been resolved
  • The Yordle Squire’s flavor text now calls its weapon a spear instead of a hammer
  • Overgrown Snapvine will no longer be obliterated after a level two Viego kells an enemy champion at the start of a round
  • An issue involving the challenger state not breaking via a player removing Challenger from a non-committed challenging unit has been resolved
  • Keyword icons will now properly be displayed on Chronobreaks created by a level two Ekko
  • Retreat not creating a Return spell upon recalling a Claws of the Dragon after having played two spells has been resolved
  • A visual bug associated with Miss Fortune upon attacking with a full back row was fixed
  • Several VFX bugs were resolved when playing certain spells
  • A UI issue from cards getting stuck upon a player holding it until the turn timer ran out has been resolved
  • A UI issue causing cards to flutter upon a player scrubbing over revealed cards in an opponent’s hand has been fixed

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