Legends of Runeterra adjusts ranked play for upcoming Awakening expansion

Feel better about playing the decks you want to play on the ladder.

Riot Games is planning to make climbing the ranked ladder easier in Legends of Runeterra starting with the release of the Awakening expansion. 

Climbing the ranked ladder in card games is frustrating for many non-competitive players. RNG and random matchups can turn a 100 LP gain into a 100 LP loss with a handful of bad matchups. Starting on Aug. 31 with the release of Awakening, big changes are coming to the ranked LoR ladder for players who want to climb between Iron and Gold. 

The LoR team wants low-Elo rank to have a “satisfying progression,” according to game designer Steve Rubin. From Iron to Gold, wins will have a greater impact on LP gained while losses won’t feel as punishing. 

“Moving between divisions will be smoother at all ranks,” Rubin said. “Wins will have bigger gains and losses will be less punishing, especially in lower leagues.”

The changes will not affect ranked divisions from Diamond and up. Those divisions are still slated as a place for “competitive, skill-testing climbing,” according to Rubin. Adjustments to the ranked ladder are the first of many changes likely to roll out in LoR over the coming months. 

Players can test out the new ranked system in LoR with the release of the Awakening expansion on Aug. 31. The new expansion introduces Equipment as a card type, along with new champions like Kayn and Master Yi. And the digital card game might be getting its own champion exclusive through Norra.  

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