Legendary skins are finally free in Overwatch 2 but players don’t seem to think it’s worthwhile

It's bee a long, long wait.

Earning cosmetics in Overwatch 2 has been significantly more annoying for players than it ever was before the title went free-to-play, but a May 19 realization made by one user has put the chase for cosmetics into perspective.

Primarily, those chasing the latest cosmetic items would need to purchase Overwatch coins with their hard-earned cash. But, following the launch of Overwatch 2, Blizzard created a system by which players could earn a small number of coins each week by completing challenges. This system would help boost the player base whilst also offering a little bonus for those faithful to the game.

However, just over eight months on from the release of the Overwatch sequel, players have just realizedassuming they completed the maximum required weeklies every weekthey should finally be able to purchase a Legendary skin with the coins they’ve saved.

And boy, did that feel demoralizing.

Players can obtain 60 coins per week through weekly challenges, and Legendary skins typically cost about 1,900 Overwatch coins. This means players can earn a maximum of 3,120 coins in a year, outside of purchasing more with cash.

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In a May 19 Reddit thread, some have noted that not only have players had to wait more than half a year to have enough to buy one singular skin, but they also need to have played the game practically every day over that timeframe as well. “Compared to OW1, you could get enough coins in a day if you grinded enough,” pointed out one player.

Another player took Blizzards’s monetization system in Overwatch 2 and compared it to other free-to-play titles, saying the developer “somehow took a money machine and set it to overdrive.”

Blizzard made adjustments to the games legacy credits to allow players to earn more without paying money, but it certainly hasnt made up for what feels like a lack of free cosmetics in the game. The credits can be used on most content that was in the original Overwatch, but any new cosmetics can cost players close to $20 USD just for one legendary skin.

For comparison, players could purchase Overwatchthe entire original gamefor between $40-60 USD depending on when the player purchased the game and which version the user opted for.

There hasn’t yet been a change to the rate at which these coins can be earned, so in the interim, prepare for a long grind if you’re chasing that sweet legendary skin in Overwatch 2.

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