Legendary MTG card skyrockets 200 percent in value from Phyrexia: All Will Be One

A Phyrexian angel is turning heads on the secondary market.

Prices of Magic: The Gathering cards on the secondary market from the most recent Phyrexia: All Will Be One set are making waves, with a legendary angel today jumping over 200 percent in value.

Initial opinions of the Phyrexia: All Will Be One set have been somewhat divided, from Standard Constructed to Limited Draft and Sealed. It’s only been a week since the MTG set launched digitally and players are still getting a feel for the new Standard meta. Tournaments run on MTGO this week have begun to highlight emerging Standard best-of-three decks, including a five-color Atraxa deck by Gobern that earned a first-place finish on Feb. 12. 


This wasn’t the first time Atraxa, Grand Unifier has shown up in the top eight since ONE was released. And MTG players are starting to respect the Phyrexian angel’s power, on the battlefield and on the secondary market. 

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Atraxa, Grand Unifier became the second highest valued card from ONE today, rising in price by over 200 percent from around $11 to $40. Getting played in Traditional Standard Constructed has certainly helped the Phyrexian angel grow in value, but so has her ability to slot into Legacy and Modern decks, along with the Commander format. 

Image via WotC

The regular version of Atraxa, Grand Unifier isn’t the only variant that increased in price today. Her oil slick foil version jumped from about $100 to over $200. The Showcase foil and regular foil versions also saw an increase. Only the Step and Compleat versions remained the same but will likely increase in the coming weeks as the ONE card’s availability on the secondary market increases. 

Atraxa, Grand Unifier isn’t the first ONE card to jump in price since the set was released. Vraska, Betraya’s Sting rose last week, with her regular planeswalker version valued at around $17 to $20 and the Oil slick foil treatment worth over $100. 

Ichormoon Gauntlet and Venerated Rotpriest also saw their value increase on the secondary market last week. The value of Ichormmoon Gauntlet dropped slightly but was still up from the previous week. 

The value of MTG cards from the ONE set will likely settle going forward. The first Pro Tour of the 2023 season this weekend won’t likely affect prices as players have had their Pioneer decks locked up for some time now.

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