LEC disables Hexflash rune ‘until further notice’

Just one flash for supports, for now.

The LEC has disabled Hexflash, the secondary rune similar to Flash, until further notice heading into the last two weeks of the competitions regular season. 

Just before the seventh week of the 2022 LEC Summer Split started today, Deniz Griath Günay, competition manager for League of Legends EMEA, shared the news of the Hexflash rune being disabled due to a severe issue. 

The specific reason behind this decision is still unclear, but its certain that it will impact the draft choices of the LEC teams that for now will have to rely on different rune paths for their supports.

This is not the first time that Hexflash has been disabled from Leagues official major competitions. Less than a month ago, the Korean league took the same course of action when a game-breaking bug disrupted a match between DWG KIA and Nongshim RedForce. 

When a bug usually occurs during an official League match, the leagues referee can decide to use a Chronobreak to reset a certain situation. But it seems like the issue related to the rune ban caused a system error that prevented the game from being restored back to the same game state, according to an LCK statement.

Today’s LEC action (without Hexflash) will begin with a showdown between Misfits and Astralis at 11am CT.

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