Leaked trailer showcases new champion Zeri’s abilities in League

The Spark of Zaun may have been a bit too excited to wait any longer.

League of Legends newest champion, Zeri, was recently revealed to be coming to the game soon. And now, a leaked trailer has given fans more insight into her abilities and how she’ll fit into the growing cast of characters.

In a leaked champion reveal video posted to YouTube, fans get a better look at Zeris personality as a Zaunite, as well as a first look at the abilities of Leagues newest ADC. The Spark of Zaun is seen zapping enemy champions at a rapid-fire pace, even seemingly supercharging herself to better use her electric powers.

Zeri is immediately presented as a courageous Zaunite, attempting to stop a group of delinquents from hurting an innocent bystander. Yet when she attempts to blast electricity from her fingers, she struggles to create a charge, taking a few moments to collect herself before manifesting her electricity around her body.

In her gameplay, Zeri is seen shooting an enemy Twitch with one large zap, then attacking Warwick with machine gun-like shocks and dashing away to avoid his slices. The attacks also appear to go through Warwicks body slightly, though no enemies are around to receive the recoil damage. A similar effect can be seen when Zeri is attacking Urgot later in the reveal.

Zeri also appears to have an ability that enables her to jump over terrain in a similar way to Talon, which she uses to catch an enemy Blitzcrank and Jinx off guard. The end of the reveal sees her using a Blitzcrank-esque shock in a large area of effect before glowing with her electricity and seemingly overcharging her attacks.

Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, has not yet been officially revealed by Riot Games. But she does briefly appear in the teaser for the 2022 season stream that’s set to go live tomorrow, Jan. 7, at 9am CT, alongside the start of the new ranked season.

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