Leaked Overwatch 2 video gives first real look at upcoming hero Kiriko

She looks deadly at melee range.

The Overwatch have discovered a lot of new information on the license’s next iteration, Overwatch 2, as it’s planned to release on Oct. 4. And a video footage, which leaked last night, has given more details on the game’s reportedly upcoming hero, Kiriko.

While Blizzard has stated rumors on Kiriko were fake, a new reportedly leaked video has convinced many skeptics it’s the game’s next hero to release.

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It seems to be the official reveal video of the hero, showed by the Reddit user TrumpCruz, in its Spanish version. It’s still available on streaming platform Dailymotion, locked behind the password “overwatch”.

The video looks to be a version in progress, instead of the final version, since some parts still require some work. However, it’s enough to learn the background story and personality of Kiriko, showing her fighting against the Hashimoto clan to protect her friends. Her story was already mentioned in an Overwatch official short story, revealed about one year ago.

The reveal video also shows a few of her upcoming abilities. She seems to fight with two daggers like an assassin, be able to use a mobility spell, and possess a support-based ultimate ability. Blizzard Entertainment has yet to make a statement on this new leak.

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