Leaked Apex Legends maps could mark the return Titanfall fans are waiting for

The two franchises might blend together in a very noticeable away.

Apex Legends‘ Beast of Prey update patch has proven a gold mine for dataminers, who believe they’ve found evidence of remastered Titanfall maps coming to the game in the future.

As reported by Insider Gaming, Apex dataminer KralRindo revealed that information for several maps appears to have been added. There are nine maps in total, all of which are fan-favorite maps from Apex precursor Titanfall 2. The maps would supposedly be part of an upcoming limited-time mode called Capture Point that has yet to be revealed publicly. Fellow Apex source Thordan Smash found what could be a loading screen for the mode with art from the Colony map.

Several fans expressed skepticism in the comments.

“Realistically I do not think many of these would play very well with [Apex’s] movement[.] Obviously they probably won’t be exactly how they are in Titanfall but still,” one fan said. “While I am extremely elated to see these maps make a return, they were made with pilot movement in mind,” another said.

While Apex and Titanfall 2 take place in the same universe and include several of the same characters, many of Titanfall‘s mechanics, including wall-running and piloting mechs, didn’t make it into the popular battle royale.

While it’s not the Titanfall 3 that many fans are hoping for, if these maps turn out to be real, it could point toward more crossovers and involvement between the two franchises. The Titanfall fanbase has been vocal about their desire for Respawn Entertainment to maintain the series; last year, fans successfully hacked Apex to express their discontent about cheaters invading the first Titanfall.

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