League’s preseason brings omnomnom buffs to Cho’Gath and Nunu


ChoGath and Nunu have always been valuable assets on a team since both of these champions can easily secure an objective with a spell that does true damage to monsters. With all the jungle changes coming to League of Legends with the preseason on Nov. 16, the balancing team are buffing ChoGaths and Nunu’s damage to non-champions.

August Browning, the lead champion designer, shared on Twitter that ChoGath and Nunu are getting compensation buffs to help them stay competitive with the new Smites. Riot Games is increasing ChoGaths Feast damage to non-champions from 1000 to 1200. Nunu, on the other hand, is getting buffs to Consume with damage dealt to monsters increased from 340-980 to 400-1200, depending on the level.

Riot is buffing ChoGath and Nunu and Willumps Smite-like spells thanks to Smites damage getting increased from 400 to 600. To help them stay competitive in tight-case scenarios where it comes down to who has a better eye and sense of timing, Riot is buffing these two champions.

In conclusion, this is an all-around great change for both ChoGath and Nunu to stay relevant in the preseason and the upcoming season 13 to once again bring their true damage to the table.

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