League’s new 2023 Kick Off event starts in less than a week and we’re still waiting on details

Fans are wondering if the event is really going to take place as planned.

The new year brings a new season with many changes to expect in the League of Legends competitive scene. And while teams are preparing to enter the stage later this month, many details remain unclear.

It includes the new tournament described as a “Kickoff Event for 2023 season”, which was planned to take place next week, on Jan.10 and 11, according to a December’s announcement.

Although it’s just around the corner, fans still don’t know how and when to watch it, nor who will participate and what’s going to be their format in their respective Leagues.

The event is supposed to replace the previous All-Star events, which took place during the Holiday season. Instead of gathering teams from all around the globe in one event, it should feature multiple events in the scene’s various regions.

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Riot said all Major leagues would host a “two-day broadcasted event previewing the 2023 season and highlighting players to watch.” It is supposed to include LCS, LEC, LCK, and LPL, as well as other regions, such as the LJL (Japan), PCS (Pacific), and VCS (Vietnam).

While some leagues hinted at hosting the event last month, others have yet to release any information on it. Fans from the LCS and LEC are still waiting to see any mention of it.

As no league has revealed the full schedule and format of its Season Kickoff, many fans are starting to wonder if the event is going to be canceled in some regions.

Meanwhile, the lack of transparency has been a subject of criticism, and some wonder if it indicates turmoil in coordinating this brand-new event across all leagues.

The CBLOL (Brazilian League) is the only one to have detailed its schedule earlier this week. The full schedule, however, the tweet still refers to the announcement of the event by Riot Games written earlier in December, without any detail on the actual events.

The LCK also revealed the event would feature a showmatch pitting Team Faker and Team Deft against one another, but nothing has been said on the second day of matches, similar to the CBLOL’s announcement.

While it’s clear participating Leagues are supposed to host a showmatch on Jan. 10, featuring players from all teams, the second day’s schedule is still in the dark.

More information on the matter is likely to be revealed later this week, since all Season Kickoffs are planned to take place on Jan. 10 and 11.

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