League’s bug-ridden preseason has Neeko transforming into a giant turret

It allows her to win games under three minutes.

The preseason in League of Legends tends to feature a myriad of bugs, and the case is no different with the 2023 preseason.

League content creators, Vandiril and Ryscu, have discovered a game-breaking bug involving Neeko’s passive ability, which turns her into a turret. Once she’s transformed into a turret, she can almost instantly kill enemies and enemy towers, leading to a quick and easy win.

The reasons behind this bug currently remain to be seen. In a video posted by Vandiril on YouTube, Neeko approaches enemy champions, transforms into a giant turret, and instantly one-shots them.

According to comments on YouTube, it’s unclear how exploiters have managed to pull off this bug since it appears to be difficult to pull off in-game.

Neeko’s passive, Inherent Glamour, allows her to change appearance to look like an allied champion. Once she takes damage from a champ or casts a damaging spell, the camouflage disappears.

Inherent Glamour is key to Neeko’s kit and will probably remain a fundamental part of the champion for the foreseeable future. But a mid-scope update for Neeko was announced in August and will likely be coming in the next few months.

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