‘League wouldn’t exist without Dota’: PewDiePie talks about his respect for Dota on Trash Taste podcast

"Bow to your king!"

PewDiePie was recently a guest on Joey Bizinger, Garnt Maneetapho, and Connor Colquhouns Trash Taste podcast in Japan, where the YouTuber talked about various topics, including his gaming habits in his younger days.

Pewds and the trio were chatting about LAN cafes and his early days in gaming where he once again revealed his love for Dota.

We would play Dota the most, PewDiePie said. Dota was the shit back in the day, and we had these LAN cafes in Sweden where everyone just played Dota.

As PewDiePie revealed his true MOBA colors, the remaining cast started cringing. Pewds interrupted the League of Legends chatter with a fuck you filled with laughter and added, League wouldnt exist without Dota.

This isn’t the first time Pewds brought his love for Dota into the spotlight. In a 2021 video, the content creator listed Dota as one of the games that defined him while growing up. The Sniper enthusiast also explained the Dota culture he grew up in, where he would go to LAN cafes with his friends to play against other groups of players.

Despite having been away from the MOBA scene, PewDiePie addressed his early experience with Dota and the genre as one of his fondest memories in gaming. Dota was one of the hottest games in Sweden back in the 2000s, as songs dedicated to the phenomenon also emerged from the country.

The current generation of MOBAs innovated and brought new elements to the niche, but theres no doubt that Dota planted the seed which would grow into a majestic tree that is one of the biggest esports genres today. 

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