League thrown into chaos after Riot accidentally reverts every Patch 13.1b change

Flashback to two weeks ago.

League of Legends has been temporarily thrown into chaos after Riot Games developers apparently reverted every single Patch 13.1b change originally shipped onto live servers on Jan. 26, likely accidentally. While no official word has come out of the Riot dev studios yet, Dot Esports expects it will be hotfixed very quickly.

Almost immediately following the Patch 13.1b removal on Feb. 6, League ranked queues across the globe were disabled, suggesting Riot techs are already on the job.

According to League dataminer FrankTheBoxMonster, who regularly leaks PBE changes early, the reversion has also impacted Teamfight Tactics.

Several early Season 13 changes that were shipped between patches 13.1 and 13.1b, including the Fimbulwinter health upgrade and a handful of Rammus buffs, are still available on live League servers.

More to come…

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