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League players time global ultimates perfectly to pull off cross-map takedown

The unseen ult is the deadliest.

A team of League of Legends players pulled off a perfect combo using only global ultimate abilities to secure a kill on an unsuspecting enemy target. 

In a clip posted to YouTube earlier this week, four League players coordinated their ultimate abilities to grab a kill on an enemy player who was simply minding their own business. The clip begins with a Zed player farming peacefully under their mid lane tower with the entire enemy team out of view and nowhere near the mid lane. Within seconds, though, a barrage of global ultimate abilities struck the Zed player.

The first global ult to strike the Zed player was an Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) from an enemy Ashe. The arrow stunned the Zed player for three and a half seconds (because it traveled the longest distance possible), which ended up being plenty of time for the ganking squad to coordinate their ultimate abilities on the target. 

In the three and a half seconds, the Zed player was bombarded by a Ziggs Mega Inferno Bomb (R), a Super Mega Death Rocket (R) from an opposing Jinx, and finally, a cast of Trueshot Barrage (R) from an Ezreal player. None of the players who used their abilities to damage the enemy Zed were within his immediate field of view. In some cases, his oppositions ultimates were being casted from three to four screens away. 

To make matters worse, the fifth champion on the enemy team was Karthus, who likely would have casted Requiem (R) to finish the job if the first four ultimate abilities didnt do enough damage to the Zed player to finish them off.

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